Complete Boarding Facilities
The vaccinations required
to board a dog with us are:

  • Annual distemper combo within 1 year

  • Rabies within 3 years (3 years rabies) Intra-Nasal Bordetella within 1 year
    (must be administered at least 48 hours prior to check in)

  • A copy of health records must be supplied

Feeding Program:

Morning and evening feeding times: By offering both, you have a choice and allows your pet to be fed at the time of day they are accustomed to eating.

Proper Diet:
We recommend that your pet stay on the same diet they are accustomed to eating and that you bring that food along if it is not what we are feeding. A change in diet may cause problems with digestion or lack of appetite. Refrigeration is available.

Medications & Special Feedings:
Oral and topical medications are $1.00 extra per day.

For your dog, a stay at Country Home Bed and Biscuit is a little like being at camp...there's fresh country air, room to run, good food and animal-loving humans who give each pet personal attention. They keep careful watch and record your boarder's daily behavior.

Our kennel specializes in providing a healthy and comfortable environment for your pet. It can be difficult for them to be away from home and a change in their environment can cause stress and tension. While we provide personal attention to your pet, there are other things you can do to help them adjust even more.

Additional play time:
During this time your pet can be exercised, brushed, combed and hugged with one of our caring staff. This service is purchased separately and can be scheduled as often as you like.

Personal belongings:
You may bring your pet's favorite toy or snack and their own bed, cushion or blanket. (machine washable, please).

Grooming Services are available while your pet is staying at the Field of Dreams Country Bed and Biscuit: Bathing and fluff drying, nail trimming, cleaning the ears.


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