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Due August 26th 2019

Yellow & Black Pups expected

Hope X Chuck


Field of Dreams Hope I'm the One

Hope is a wonderful smaller sized black lab and a great addition to our breeding program. She loves everyone and is always willing to please. She is always so excited to get out and work!

Hope's Pedigree:

 06 NAFC FC AFC Carbon Copy of Horn Creak
 2008 Hall of Fame
 05 NFC FC AFC Clubmead's Road Warrior
  2014 Hall of FameCFC CAFC Chena River Turbo Tina
 FC AFC Bay Teche Eye on the Ball 


134 Career all age Points

42 Open Points (5 Open wins)

92 Amatuer Points (10 Amatuer Wins)

Quaified for 6 Nationals- 4x National finalist

Double Header Winner

NFC-AFC Lucyana's Fast Willie
   2001 Hall of Fame
  Bayou Teche Angel
  Riparian Power Keg
Field of Dreams Hope for a Good One
 FC AFC Dust Devil's Redezvous MH
 FC  CFC Westwoods Sunday Silence
   FC AFC Iron Lines Annie Oakley
 Riverhills 2nd Chance Avery QAA
  FC AFC Code Blue
  200 Hall of Fame
 FC Rock River Leica
 FC AFC Little MS. Chief


AFC Field Of Dreams Grade A Beef QAA
Sire: NAFC-FC Cody Cut A Lean Grade
Dam: Field Of Dreams Blaze Of Sun QAA
hips LR-199365E24M-VPI
EIC Clear by Heritage

Achievements: Chuck is an excellent marker with tons of desire.
Chuck quilified all age before 2-years old. 
Chuck has the greatest temperment and is just fun to be around. He is always ready to work but on his off time he is a great house dog, mellow and easy going and loves kids.


Cody Cut A Lean Grade  
2011National Amateur Champion
2008 High Point Open Dog
Sire2012NationalAmateur Champ
Sire 2011 High Point Derby Dog
Sire 2010 High Point Derby Dog




 FC-AFC Code Blue

Cod Red
Nikcoal of North Boundry
Ms Lean Mac'ce
Litter mate to FC- Fargo
2xNAFC-FC 2xCNAFC Ebonstar Lean Mac
FC-AFC-CFC Candlewoods Ms MB Kate
 Field of Dreams Blaze of Sun QAA
28 Derby Points
Blaze has produced FC-AFC and MH titled Puppies


FC-AFC Fox Hollows Little BuddyFC-AFC Webshire's Honest Abe
Zip,s Magic Marking Ink
Wrobels Today I'm Josie MH-MNHBear the Waterfoul Wizzard
Highland Hunt Club's Babe


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