BORN 3-23-15

We have a few puppies remaining!

Solo X Blue


Field of Dreams Lone Ranger QAA

Solo comes from great blood lines!

Sire: FC-AFC Nick of Time Lone Ranger 

  • 2005 High Point Open Dog Double Header Winner
  • 3 time National Finalist
  • Dergy List
  • QAA first time out
  • In 5 years qualified for 9 Nationals, had 20AA wins and earned 141 AA Points
  • Cerf LR-407770N/2004-58
  • Elbows Normal LR-EL19724M44NOPI
  • Hips LR-134506G44M
  • CNM LRCNM05 080M PIV Clear

Dam: Biggun's Little Jazz QAA

  •  Amateur 2nd at 2 years old
  • Open & Amateur Placements
  • 1/2 sister to Bigguns Big Chill
  • 2006-2007 Canadian National Open Champion
  • LR-EIC21956F
  • CNM-08-245F
  • LR-161725E-30F
  • EL-21872F30PE
  • EIC- LR-21956F-VIP
  • Eyes Clear



FC AFC FTCH AFTCH Taylor Lab Calumet's Big Blue

CNFC CAFC FC AFC TaylorLab Calumet's Big  

OFA Hips Good(LR-175267G26M-VPI)
OFA Elbows Normal
Eyes Normal
CNM Clear
EIC Carrier

Winner of the 2010 Canadian National.
Finalist in the 2013 Canadian National Amateur.
Qualified for the 2014 Canadian National Amateur.
Finalist in the 2009 Canadian National Retriever Championship.

  FC AFC Calumet's Sonic Boom 
    Canby's Magic Spell 
FC AFC Calumet's Super Sonic  
    FC-AFC Sky Watch Scanner 
    FC AFC Scan's In The Nick Of Time 
    Goose Down Hannah Honey MH/QAA 
FC AFC FTCH AFTCH Taylor Lab Calumet's Big Blue
Blue CNFC CNAFC FC AFC The Marathon Man 
  FC AFC Gunstock's Lethal Weapon 
      Nelson's Scotch and Water *** 
  CFC CAFC Clubmead's Autumn Breeze MH CDX ***
      CNAFC CFC FC AFC Gunstock's Caramel Crunch 
    Clubmead Sal's Yellow Gal 
    Ebonstar My Gal Sal CDX 
 Pups Due 3-24-15
  FC-AFC Code Blue
  Esprit's out of the Woods***
      FC-AFC Fishtrap Debbie Does Ducks
  FC-AFC Nick of Time Loner Ranger  
    FC-AFC Sky Watch Scanner
    FC-AFC Scan's In the Nick of Time
    Goose Down Hannah Honey MH
Field of Dreams Lone Ranger
Solo FC-AFC Dare to Dream
  NFC FC AFC Carbon Copy of Horn Creek
      AFC Sparkle Plenty of Horn Creek
  Biggun's Little Jazz QAA
  CNFC CNAFC Waldorf's High Tech
  FTCH- AFTCH Meadowcreek's A.M. Express
  Gunpoint Tess


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