Due May 13th!

Porche & Chuck

Black and Yellow Pups


Field of Dreams Porche

Black Lab

Great temperment loves to hunt upland and waterfoul


Field of Dreams Grade A Beef QAA
Sire: NAFC-FC Cody Cut A Lean Grade
Dam: Field Of Dreams Blaze Of Sun QAA
Qualified All age twice! 
hips LR-199365E24M-VPI
EIC Clear by Heritage

Puppies from Previous litter at 3.5 Weeks old:

Super Powder

  Code Red
2010 NAFC FC Cody Cut A Lean Grade  
  SIRE 2010 NAFC 1984 NAFC FC Trumarc's Zip Code
    Nikcoal of North Boundary
    Hunters Marsh Sagebrush-Sal
Field of Dreams Grade A Beef 2x  Q.A.A.
CHUCK FC AFC Webshire's Honest Abe
  FC AFC Fox Hollows Little Buddy
      Zip's Magic Marking Ink
  Field Of Dreamns Blaze of Sun Q.A.A.
  28 Derby Points    Bear the Waterfowl Wizard
    Wrobel's Today I'm Josie MH
    Highland Hunt Club's Babe

  2xNAFC 2x CNAFC FC CFC Ebonstar Lean Mac
  NFC FC AFC Maxx's Surprise  
      FC AFC CNFC CAFC Chena River No Surprise
  FC-AFC CJ's Mister T    
    FC AFC Calumet's Sonic Boom
    Nick of Time Wild Wind Windy QAA  
    FC AFC Scan's in the Nick of Time
Field of Dreams Porche  
Porche FC AFC Hilltop's Hay Seed
  FC-CFC-CAFC Tayloslab Magic Trick MH CD  
      Cedar River Sage
  Field of Dreams Magic Jenny  
  FC-AFC Fox Hollows Little Buddy
  Field of Dreams Blaza of Sun QAA  
  Wrobel's Today I'm Josie MH


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