Sugar X Maverick
Due  May 5 2023



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 AFC Field of Dreams Grade A Beef QA2



 NAFC FC AFC Coby Cut A Lean Grade 

FC AFC Code Blue
Ms Lean Mac'ce
Field of Dreams Blaze of Sun
FC AFC Fox Hollow's Little Buddy
Wrobel's Today I'm Josie MH

 Dunhill Lucy

Hollidaze Royal CrownCH Ashway's Muncie Von Hauseman
CH labradores Crown Jewel O'Kings Oak
Classique Funny GirlLayloch Arctic Blast
Pine Edge Classique Diva


Maverick's incredible looks, intelligence, perseverance, and intense focus & drive are second to none. He was whelped by the 2011 World Flushing Champion, Upland MAGGIE and sired by a top producing field Champion with 8 all age wins. Maverick has won 2 Derbies and made the 2014 National Derby list. Maverick Qualified all age at 24 months, Master Hunter title at 28 months along with qualifying for the 2014 World Flushing Championships. Maverick is currently training for all age field trials. When not training he is used as a top pheasant hunting guide dog at one of Wisconsin's premier hunting clubs. Maverick like MAGGIE has the drive, nose, and talent, needed to quarter the field for up to 10 hunters in a line at one time. It's as much fun watching Maverick work a field, as it is to hunt the field. Maverick will start running his first open all age field trials in the summer of 2016 working toward his FC title.This stud dog has it all. OFA HIPS   LR-208864E24M-VPI  (EXCELLENT) - OFA ELBOW   LR=EL63137M24-VPI   (NORMAL) - CERF   LR-383592 - CNM   CLEAR - EIC     CLEAR - PRA    CLEAR


2013 American Amateur Retriever club  !st place Derby

2014 Magnolia Retriever Club 1st place Derby

2014 National Derby List  

2014 Top Derby dog in Wisconsin

2014 Madison Retriever Club  Qualifed all age 2ed place

2014 Qualifed 2014 Worlds Fushing Championship

2014 Akc Master Hunter Title

2015 Qualifed 2015 Worlds Flushing Championship

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