Field Of Dreams Pirate's Revenge

Sire: FC-AFC Land Ahoy 
                               Dam:Field of Dreams Willow D' One QAA 
Whelped: 1-24-11 Eye cert & hips info

Sibbling to FC-AFC Lubys Whitewaters Pirates Jewel - AFC Lucyana's Full Speed Ahead  FC- Make it Happen Captain  14 AA pts

Field of Dreams Blustery Way QAA  Won Derby and Qualifying same weekend.



Revy is a great medium sized female that we are happy to have in our breeding program. She has a great hunting pedigree. She has a nice shorter silky black coat. Revy is a little more on the calmer side always loving the affection.



Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
 FC-AFC Land Ahoy
2009 High Point Open Dog 
3x National Finalist 08,10,12
2009 National Open and Amateur 9 series
173 All Age Points To Date
Youngest Qualifier at 2006 National Amateur,Open Win at 27 mo.- FC-AFC at 3yrs old Littermate to FC-AFC Valwoods Angel -FC Camino Go For THe Pin 4-Titled Offspring to Date




 FC-AFC Fargo II

2xNAFC-2xCNAFC-FC Ebonstar Lean Mac
FC-AFC-CFC Candlewood's MS MB Kate
FC Cudashudabena Playgirl FC-AFC-CFC-CAFC Barracuda Blue MH
Deschutes Black Caddis
DAM: Willow
Field Of Dreams Wilow D' One QAA
Open 3rd and 4th
Littermate to
 FC-AFC Its all Over Now Blue
and AFC Alpha Minnie Pearl  Proven Bitch Line Producer


FC-AFC Tiger Mc Bunn 2xNAFC-2xCNAFC-FC Ebonstar Lean Mac
98 NAFC-FC  Hattie Mc Bunn
FC-AFC Gator PT's Sweet Potato Pie MH CFC-CAFC Pachanga Magnum Force
HRCH Gator Pt's Roc n Moon Pie



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