Izzy is a very smart girl. She learns fast and listens well. She has a nice tall build with great disposition.

 FC AFC Calumet's Sonic Boom 
  Canby's Magic Spell 
FC AFC Calumet's Super Sonic 
  FC-AFC Sky Watch Scanner 
  FC AFC Scan's In The Nick Of Time 
  Goose Down Hannah Honey MH/QAA 
FC AFC FTCH AFTCH Taylor Lab Calumet's Big Blue
BlueCNFC CNAFC FC AFC The Marathon Man 
 FC AFC Gunstock's Lethal Weapon 
   Nelson's Scotch and Water *** 
 CFC CAFC Clubmead's Autumn Breeze MH CDX ***
   CNAFC CFC FC AFC Gunstock's Caramel Crunch 
  Clubmead Sal's Yellow Gal 
  Ebonstar My Gal Sal CDX 
 FC-AFC Code Blue
 Esprit's out of the Woods***
   FC-AFC Fishtrap Debbie Does Ducks
 FC-AFC Nick of Time Loner Ranger 
  FC-AFC Sky Watch Scanner
  FC-AFC Scan's In the Nick of Time
  Goose Down Hannah Honey MH
Field of Dreams Lone Ranger
SoloFC-AFC Dare to Dream
 NFC FC AFC Carbon Copy of Horn Creek
   AFC Sparkle Plenty of Horn Creek
 Biggun's Little Jazz QAA
 CNFC CNAFC Waldorf's High Tech
 FTCH- AFTCH Meadowcreek's A.M. Express
 Gunpoint Tess


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